What Is The Cost Of Solar Panels In Louisville, KY?

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Louisville homeowners considering a solar addition to their home may start their research with a simple question: What is the cost of solar panels? Unfortunately, the answer is not so simple. At Pink Energy, we develop custom solar panel systems designed to address your home’s unique energy needs. Our solar systems are engineered to account for a number of factors that vary from home to home, so it’s difficult to provide new solar customers with an exact cost prior to a full assessment of their property. Read on to learn more about how the cost of your solar panels is determined.

Factors Impacting the Cost of Your Solar System

If you qualify for a solar panel system, a solar consultant will visit your property and evaluate it for factors that may impact your system’s production potential — and your potential savings. These factors include the following and more:

Pink Energy’s team of designers will take each of these factors into account when developing the most effective system for your home.

How is the Cost of Solar Panels Calculated?

While the average cost of a solar system is difficult to calculate, you can roughly estimate your upfront investment by reviewing your past electric bills. Determining how much energy your home currently consumes helps our solar experts develop a solar system with the right number of solar panels to meet your home’s energy needs. The wattage your solar system can produce should align with the amount your home consumes on a monthly basis.

The cost of your solar panels will be added to the cost of installation, resulting in your overall investment into going solar. 

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