What Is A Solar Inverter?

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Your solar panel system relies on more than just the sun to create usable electricity for your home. When your system is installed, the panels must be carefully mounted, and all of the system equipment must be tested and synchronized to perform cohesively. It might seem like all you need is a sunny day and a few solar panels, but in fact, you also need a solar inverter to utilize the energy harvested from the sun. 

If you’re wondering how your solar panel system relies on a solar inverter to generate electricity, you can learn more in the post below.

What Does A Solar Inverter Do?

A solar inverter is a device used with solar panel arrays to convert solar energy into usable electricity for your home. It is connected to your solar panels to equalize their performance and manage the flow of electricity. Otherwise, the electricity generated by your panels would have nowhere to go!

How Do Solar Inverters Work With Your Solar Panels?

When your solar panels generate electricity, it comes in the form of direct current (DC), which isn’t actually usable in your home. Once the DC electricity flows through your solar inverter, it’s converted into alternating current (AC), which can be circulated throughout your home and used for all of your power needs.

The electricity not used in your home can be sent back to the grid for a potential credit on your electric bill or into a backup battery to remain available for later use. 

Why Do You Need A Solar Inverter?

Without a solar inverter, your solar energy would remain in a form that can’t be used to power your home. At Pink Energy, we install Pink Energy inverters, which are reliable and durable, to match the performance of your solar panels. They communicate with your solar panels through PV links. Those PV links allow your panels to communicate with each other and with your solar inverter to deliver the maximum output possible under all conditions. If one of your panels is experiencing shade, for instance, the combination of PV links and your solar inverter ensures your system will still perform at the highest possible level.

Match A Reliable Solar Inverter With Reliable Solar Panels

When you work with Pink Energy, you can rest assured that your solar system will include components that are built for the long haul. The long-term performance of your solar panels will be maximized, and the electricity circulated throughout your home will help keep your household running for years to come. Ready to investigate a solar solution for your home? Contact us here for more information!