Is Solar Energy Renewable?

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Solar energy
is one of the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy sources available in the U.S. It’s commonly referred to as one of the most adaptable renewable energy sources, as it can be used for domestic, commercial or industrial use, and it’s also becoming a more cost-effective option every day. Learn more about how solar energy can work for you below!

What Is A Renewable Energy Source?

A renewable energy source is defined as any source of energy that replenishes naturally within a human time scale, meaning at a rate that allows the resources to replenish as humans use them. For example, coal and oil take hundreds of thousands of years to form, which means we use them at a much higher rate than they replenish. Solar energy appears and can be harvested every day, making it one of the world’s most reliable energy sources if we have the technology in place needed to capture it. Solar panel systems are one of those technologies.

Is Solar Energy A Renewable Resource?

Solar energy shows up every day, reaching us through the sun’s rays, which means it’s consistently available. According to NASA, the sun is only about halfway through its lifetime, so we have about 5 billion years to take advantage of the daily energy that flows through our atmosphere!

Beyond being a renewable resource, solar energy is also often classified as a green resource, which means many of the harmful environmental side effects that are usually associated with fossil fuels don’t apply to solar. Although there is some concern about the environmental effects of manufacturing solar panels, the zero emissions that solar energy generates far outweigh any environmental concerns. In addition, solar panels can even be recycled. This effectively makes solar energy one of the best options for anyone trying to live a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.

Does Solar Energy Work Well?

Solar energy use is increasing dramatically every year as solar panels and systems become more mainstream. As the panels become better at converting sunlight into emission-free electricity, the downside of emissions associated with manufacturing solar panels will continue to be outweighed by the emissions saved by producing electricity with solar panels rather than from non-renewable resources.

Go Green With Renewable Solar Energy

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