How Does Net Metering Work in Louisville KY?

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During certain times of the day, your solar panels may produce more electricity than your Louisville home needs. The choice on what to do with any excess electricity generated is up to you. You could store it in a Pink Energy backup battery for overnight use or during outages, but another option is available. You could send that electricity back to the grid in a process called net metering if your utility provider participates. Below we will take a look at what net metering is, as well as how it could benefit your Louisville home.

What Is Net Metering?

Net metering is the process of sending your excess solar electricity back to the grid for credit on future electric bills. At times when your solar panels produce more energy than it consumes, that energy can be sent back to the grid at perhaps the same price that you would pay to take it from the grid. The grid in essence acts as a bank for that extra energy, and you can pull from extra credits you build as needed.

How Net Metering Works For Louisville Residents

Kentucky offers several net metering programs. It’s available to all customers of investor-owned utilities as well as electric cooperatives except TVA utilities. In accordance with a recent state order, Kentucky Power customers that add solar after May 2021 will receive a residential net metering rate of just over 9 cents per kWh (kilowatt-hour). Customers that added solar prior to May 2021 still have the ability to net their electricity exports against their electricity usage on a kWh basis. Although these net metering rates are set, because each house will generate different amounts of electricity, net metering credits will look completely different for every home. The number of solar panels you have, the amount of electricity they produce and your home’s electricity needs are all factors that will impact whether you will have excess electricity to send back to the grid in the first place.

Join The Louisville Solar Movement

Net metering is just one benefit to bringing renewable, clean electricity to your home! It allows you to take advantage of your solar panels, offering a great chance to potentially save on your monthly bills. At Pink Energy, we are experts in the solar industry and would be glad to help answer any questions you may have about solar panels or net metering policies. Contact us for a free quote today!